Ministries Supported by GloLead

Ministries that GloLead provides (or has provided) coaching and mentoring for strategic leaders and organisational and governance consultancy.

African Enterprise

Evangelistic ministry founded by Michael Cassidy targeting the major cities of Africa mainly through outreach events and missions. African Enterprise currently has teams in ten African nations.

Appleton Alliance Church

One of the largest and fastest growing Christian & Missionary Alliance churches in the United States with an emphasis on emerging leaders, innovative children’s ministry and developing a self-replicating church planting model.

Arrow Leadership

Leadership development ministry committed to community transformation by developing Christian leaders who serve as agents of Jesus and his Kingdom in their vocational context and broader society.

Christian Surfers

Global evangelical ministry targeting surfers currently in over 35 countries worldwide.

A digital platform designed to facilitate faith-based groups or organic church communities, through a single app for all content and communication.

Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ)

Global evangelical ministry with 5,300 campus ministries worldwide.



Global Youth Mobilisation Ministry of the Alliance Church


Anglican global renewal movement influencing around 60 million people.

Geneva Push

An Australian church planting network that aims to see hundreds of new churches started across the nation. They are engaged in recruiting, assessing and equipping church planters to evangelise new churches into existence.

Global Evangelists

Organisation/movement being pioneered by Conrad Parsons that is engaged in evangelist identification, development and deployment.

Global Sports Chaplaincy Association

A global movement of sports chaplaincy providers with the shared vision that every person involved in sport around the world has access to a Christian sports chaplain.

Global Trust Partners

Emerging organisation being pioneered by Gary Hoag and EFCA to champion accountability of churches and ministries around the world. Has currently developed accountability entities in South Korea, Australia, Philippines, Kenya, Guatemala, Egypt, and India

Gamers’ Mission

Emerging ministry reaching and discipling gamers globally.

International Business as Mission

iBam is a ministry that assists in developing small businesses in nations largely hostile to Christianity to provide resources and build sustainability for churches/church plants by investing in local Christians through micro-loans and an entrepreneurial mentoring program.

Kids Hope Australia

A one-to-one mentoring program that partners with local churches and primary schools to provide support for vulnerable children.

Local Leaders

Ministry that provides support for equipping and training individuals who will emerge as resourceful, Christian leaders in their local context.

Mainly Music

Evangelistic ministry targeting young families through music programs for pre-schoolers.

Medical Mission Aid

MMA empowers organizations, ministries, individuals in disadvantaged countries in health and health related activities.

Prison Fellowship Australia

PF targets prisoners, ex-prisoners, their families and others affected by crime with the purpose of sharing the Gospel with them and discipling them in their relationship with Jesus.

RICE Movement

A global evangelical movement, passionate about reaching youth with the Gospel and raising up the next generation to be bold ambassadors of Christ and His Kingdom.

Senior Servants

Ministry that mobilises retired couples to engage in extended visits (1-3 months) to Youth for Christ ministries to provide encouragement and prayer support for leadership staff.

Snowboarders & Skiers for Christ

Global evangelistic ministry targeting snowboarders and skiers currently with a presence in nine nations.

Story-based Learning

An alternate model of schooling that re-engages the disenfranchised whilst simultaneously crafting a hope-filled and purposeful vision for the future of Christian education in the context of Kingdom community.

Uncharted International

Emerging global church planting/service ministry that targets the most unreached parts of the world.

United Christian Broadcasters International

Umbrella organisation for Christian broadcasters, currently from 43 nations, with a vision to proclaim the Gospel and make disciples of Jesus Christ through multimedia platforms.

Urban Neighbours of Hope (UNOH)

Kingdom ministry to urban poor that works through small, responsive neighbourhood-based teams to bring transformation in urban areas in Thailand, New Zealand and Australia.

World Team

A non-denominational church planting ministry with around 350 workers, planting and supporting churches in 27 countries.

Youth For Christ

Evangelistic youth movement with ministry in around 115 nations globally.